Download Robot Builder's Bonanza pdf.

Download Robot Builder's Bonanza pdf.

Picture Of The Book:

Free Book Robot Builder's Bonanza pdf.
Robot Builder's Bonanza

About The Book:

Enjoy while learning how to design, build and use small robots! This rich illustrated guide offers everything you need to know to create sophisticated, fully autonomous robots that can be programmed from your computer. Bonanza, the fourth version of Robot Builder, fully updated with the latest technologies, has been step-by-step plans that move you from building robotic platforms to giving the machine a mind - teaching it to walk, talk, and obey orders.

Information About The Book:

Title: Robot Builder's Bonanza.
Language: English.
Size: 10.4 Mb.
Pages: 737.
Format: Pdf.
Year: 2011.
Edition: 4.
Author: Gordon McComb.

Contents Of The Book:

Chapter 1: Welcome To The Wonderful World Of Robotics!
Chapter 2: Anatomy Of A Robot.
Chapter 3: Getting Parts.
Chapter 4: Safety First (And Always).
Chapter 5: Building Robot Bodies: The Basics.
Chapter 6: Mechanical Construction Techniques.
Chapter 7: Working With Wood.
Chapter 8: Build A Motorized Wooden Platform.
Chapter 9: Working With Plastic.
Chapter 10: Build A Motorized Plastic Platform.
Chapter 11: Working With Metal.
Chapter 12: Build A Motorized Metal Platform.
Chapter 13: Assembly Techniques.
Chapter 14: Rapid Prototyping Methods.
Chapter 15: Drafting Bots With Computer-aided Design.
Chapter 16: Constructing High- Tech Robots From Toys.
Chapter 17: Building Bots From Found Parts.
Chapter 18: All About Batteries.
Chapter 19: Robot Power Systems.
Chapter 20: Moving Your Robot.
Chapter 21: Choosing The Right Motor.
Chapter 22: Using Dc Motors.
Chapter 23: Using Servo Motors.
Chapter 24: Mounting Motors And Wheels.
Chapter 25: Robot Movement With Shape Memory Alloy.
Chapter 26: Build Robots With Wheels And Tracks.
Chapter 27: Build Robots With Legs.
Chapter 28: Experimenting With Robotic Arms.
Chapter 29: Experimenting With Robotic Grippers.
Chapter 30: Building Robot Electronics: The Basics.
Chapter 31: Common Electronic Components For Robotics.
Chapter 32: Using Solderless Breadboards.
Chapter 33: Making Circuit Boards.
Chapter 34: An Overview Of Robot “Brains”.
Chapter 35: Understanding Microcontrollers.
Chapter 36: Programming Concepts: The Fundamentals.
Chapter 37: Using Arduino.
Chapter 38: Using The Picaxe.
Chapter 39: Using The Basic Stamp.
Chapter 41: Remote Control Systems.
Chapter 42: Adding The Sense Of Touch.
Chapter 43: Proximity And Distance Sensing.
Chapter 44: Robotic Eyes.
Chapter 45: Navigating Your Robot.
Chapter 46: Making And Listening To Sound.
Chapter 47: Interacting With Your Creation.
Chapter 48: Danger, Will Robinson!

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