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Automotive Electrical Handbook.

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Free Book Automotive Electrical Handbook pdf.
Automotive Electrical Handbook

About The Book:

When it comes to connecting your car, whether it's a repair project, a race car, a car kit, a trailer, or a street rod, do not be intimidated; Jim Horner shares his years of experience and penetrates technical terminology to show you how. Learn about basic electrical theory, how different electrical components work and draw circuit schemas. Includes tips on using electrical test equipment and troubleshooting circuitry.

Information about the book:

Title: Automotive Electrical Handbook.
Language: English.
Size: 16.6 MB.
Pages: 132.
Format: pdf.
Year: 1986.
Edition: 1.
Author: Jim Horner.

Contents of the book:

Chapter 1: Introduction.
Chapter 2: Electrical Theory.
Chapter 3: Charging System.
Chapter 4: Electrical Paths.
Chapter 5: Electrical Controls.
Chapter 6: Displays.
Chapter 7: Electrical Loads.
Chapter 8: Supplies.
Chapter 9: Locating & Installing Components.
Chapter 10: Designing & Drawing Circuit Diagrams.
Chapter 11: Making a Harness.
Chapter 12: Installing a Harness.
Chapter 13: Rewiring an Electrical System.
Chapter 14: Converting From 6 to 12 Volts.
Chapter 15: Trailer Wiring.
Chapter 16: Wiring a Race Car.

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