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RoboCup 2009.

Picture Of The Book:

Free Book RoboCup 2009 pdf.
RoboCup 2009.

About The Book:

This book contains extensive post-conference arbitration deliberations of the 13th RoboCup International Symposium, held in Graz, Austria, in June / July 2009. It covers scientific contributions in a variety of research areas related to all RoboCup sections.

Information About The Book:

Title: RoboCup 2009: Robot Soccer World Cup XIII (Lecture Notes in Computer Science).
Language: English.
Size: 17.5 Mb.
Pages: 474.
Format: Pdf.
Year: 2010.
Edition: 1.
Author: Mark L. Chambers.

Contents Of The Book:

Chapter 1: Coordinated Action in a Heterogeneous Rescue Team.
Chapter 2: Concept Evaluation of a Reflex Inspired Ball Handling Device for Autonomous Soccer Robots.
Chapter 3: Development of a Realistic Simulator for Robotic Intelligent Wheelchairs in a Hospital Environment.
Chapter 4: Creating Photo Maps with an Aerial Vehicle in USARsim.
Chapter 5: Real-Time Hand Gesture Recognition for Human Robot Interaction.
Chapter 6: Combining Key Frame Based Motion Design with Controlled Movement Execution.
Chapter 7: Applying Dynamic Walking Control for Biped Robots.
Chapter 8: Modeling Human Decision Making Using Extended Behavior Networks.
Chapter 9: Motion Synthesis through Randomized Exploration on Submanifolds of Configuration Space.
Chapter 10: Robust and Computationally Efficient Navigation in Domestic Environments.
Chapter 11: Robust Collision Avoidance in Unknown Domestic Environments.
Chapter 12: Real-Time Ball Tracking in a Semi-automated Foosball Table.
Chapter 13: Three Humanoid Soccer Platforms: Comparison and Synthesis.
Chapter 14: Rollover as a Gait in Legged Autonomous Robots.

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