Download Arduino Computer Vision Programming pdf.

Arduino Computer Vision Programming.

Picture Of The Book:

Free Book Arduino Computer Vision Programming pdf.
Arduino Computer Vision Programming.

About The Book:

This book will combine the powers of Arduino with computer vision in a well-defined, generalized and applicable way. The practices and approaches described in the book can be used in any related problems and any platforms. At the end of the book, you should be able to solve any kinds of real-life vision problems with all their components using the approach presented. Each component will expand your vision with the best practices in this topic.

Information About The Book:

Title: Arduino Computer Vision Programming.
Language: English.
Size: 12.5 Mb.
Pages: 2019.
Format: Pdf.
Year: 2015.
Edition: 1.
Author: Ozen Ozkaya and Giray Yillikci.

Contents Of The Book:

Chapter 1: General Overview of Computer Vision Systems.
Chapter 2: Fundamentals and Installation of OpenCV.
Chapter 3: Data Acquisition with OpenCV and Arduino.
Chapter 4: Filtering Data with OpenCV.
Chapter 5: Processing Vision Data with OpenCV .
Chapter 6: Recognition with OpenCV.
Chapter 7: Communicating with Arduino Using OpenCV.
Chapter 8: Acting in the Real World with Arduino.
Chapter 9: Building a "Click-to-Go" Robot.

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