Download Short-Circuits in AC and DC Systems pdf.

Short-Circuits in AC and DC Systems.

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Free Book Short-Circuits in AC and DC Systems pdf.
Short-Circuits in AC and DC Systems

About The Book:

This book provides an understanding of the nature of short-circuit currents, current outage theories, types of circuit breakers, calculations according to ANSI / IEEE and IEC standards, the theoretical and practical basis of short-circuit current sources, and the classification structure of switching devices. The book aims to explain the nature of short-circuit currents, asymmetric components of asymmetric errors, and matrix methods of solutions, which are always used on digital computers. It includes innovations, worked examples, case studies, and solved problems.

Information About The Book:

Title: Short-Circuits in AC and DC Systems: ANSI, IEEE, and IEC Standards (Power Systems Handbook Book 1).
Language: English.
Size: 24.0 Mb.
Pages: 746.
Format: Pdf.
Year: 2017.
Edition: 1.
Author: J. C. Das.

Contents Of The Book:

Chapter 1: Design and Analyses Concepts of Power Systems.
Chapter 2: Modern Electrical Power Systems.
Chapter 3: Wind and Solar Power Generation and Interconnections with Utility.
Chapter 4: Short-Circuit Currents and Symmetrical Components.
Chapter 5: Unsymmetrical Fault Calculations.
Chapter 6: Matrix Methods for Network Solutions.
Chapter 7: Current Interruptions in AC Networks.
Chapter 8: Application and Ratings of Circuit Breakers and Fuses according to ANSI Standards.
Chapter 9: Short Circuit of Synchronous and Induction Machines and Converters.
Chapter 10: Short-Circuit Calculations according to ANSI Standards.
Chapter 11: Short-Circuit Calculations according to IEC Standards.
Chapter 12: Calculations of Short-Circuit Currents in Direct Current Systems.

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