How To Run A LED With 220V AC Directly

LED With 220V AC
How To Run A LED With 220V AC Directly

In This Video, I Will Show, I Have Run A Simple LED With 220V AC Directly.
I Have Used Just A Resistor 56K And Diode All Detail Is Given In The Video.

Parts Required:

Blue LED
56 K Ohm Resistance
In4007 Diode
2 Pin Plug

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How It Works:

The Resistance Works To Reduce The Current To The Limit Allowed To Operate The LED And The Diode Allows The Current To Pass Only In The Appropriate Direction To Run The Led.

LED With 220V AC
How To Run A LED With 220V AC Directly
I Am Giving An Idea Related To LED Light Generally The LED We Seen In Our Daily Life It Works On Dc Battery, If We Put Same LED In Ac Socket What Happen, Normally LED Light Burst So It Possible To Avoid Burning Of LED When Putting On AC Socket Yes It Possible Just With Resestince And Diode .

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