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Teach Yourself Electricity And Electronics.

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Free Book Teach Yourself Electricity And Electronics pdf.
Teach Yourself Electricity And Electronics

About The Book:

This Book Is For People Who Want To Learn Basic Electricity, Electronics, And Communications Concepts Without Taking A Formal Course. It Can Also Serve As A Classroom Text. This Third Edition Contains New Material Covering Acoustics, Audio, High-Fidelity, Robotics, And Artificial Intelligence. I Recommend You Start At The Beginning Of This Book And Go Straight Through. There Are Hundreds Of Quiz And Test Questions To Fortify Your Knowledge And Help You Check Your Progress As You Work Your Way Along. There Is A Short Multiple-Choice Quiz At The End Of Every Chapter. You May (And Should) Refer To The Chapter Texts When Taking These Quizzes.

Information About The Book:

Title: Teach Yourself Electricity And Electronics
Language: English.
Size : 4.5 Mb.
Pages: 741.
Format: Pdf.
Year: 2009.
Edition : 3.
Author: Stan Gibilisco.

Contents Of The Book:

Chapter 1: Basic Physical Concepts.
Chapter 2: Electrical Units.
Chapter 3: Measuring Devices.
Chapter 4: Basic Dc Circuits.
Chapter 5: Direct-Current Circuit Analysis.
Chapter 6: Resistors.
Chapter 7: Cells And Batteries.
Chapter 8: Magnetism.
Chapter 9: Alternating Current Basics.
Chapter 10: Inductance.
Chapter 11: Capacitance.
Chapter 12: Phase.
Chapter 13: Inductive Reactance.
Chapter 14: Capacitive Reactance.
Chapter 15: Impedance And Admittance.
Chapter 16: Rlc Circuit Analysis.
Chapter 17: Power And Resonance In Ac Circuits.
Chapter 18: Transformers And Impedance Matching.
Chapter 19: Introduction To Semiconductors
Chapter 20: Some Uses Of Diodes.
Chapter 21: Power Supplies.
Chapter 22: The Bipolar Transistor.
Chapter 23: The Field-Effect Transistor.
Chapter 24: Amplifiers.
Chapter 25: Oscillators.
Chapter 26: Data Transmission.
Chapter 27: Data Reception.
Chapter 28: Integrated Circuits And Data Storage Media.
Chapter 29: Electron Tubes.
Chapter 30: Basic Digital Principles.
Chapter 31: Acoustics, Audio, And High Fidelity.
Chapter 32: Wireless And Personal Communications Systems.
Chapter 33: Computers And The Internet.
Chapter 34: Robotics And Artificial Intelligence.

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