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Mastering Digital Television.

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Free Book Mastering Digital Television pdf.
Mastering Digital Television

About The Book:

This Practice-Focused Resource Provides Broadcast Engineers And Technicians With A Complete Technical Manual For Dtv Broadcast And Equipment. Details And Annotates Key Dtv Broadcast Standards Covers The Technical Parameters That Drive Dtv System Performance Offers Clear Explanations Of The Functions And Capabilities Of All Major Dtv System Components.

Information About The Book :

Titel : Mastering Digital Television.
Languguage : English.
Size : 5.79 Mb.
Pages : 529.
Format : Pdf.
Year : 2006.
Edition : 1.
Author : Jerry C. Whitaker.

Contents Of The Book :

Section 1: The Road To Digital Television.
Section 2: Fundamental Video Principles.
Section 3: Fundamental Audio Principles.
Section 4: Fundamental Transmission Principles.
Section 5: Digital Television Standards.
Section 6: Dtv Implementation Considerations.

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