Download Wireless Technologies Circuits, Systems, and Devices Edited pdf.

Wireless Technologies Circuits, Systems, and Devices Edited.

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Free Book Wireless Technologies Circuits, Systems, and Devices Edited pdf.
Wireless Technologies Circuits, Systems, and Devices Edited

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Wireless technologies respond to the exponential growth of radios and radically different wireless applications by providing architectural solutions and new circular solutions that engineers can use to solve modern design problems.

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Title: Wireless Technologies Circuits, Systems, and Devices Edited.
Language: English.
Size: 21.4 MB.
Pages: 694.
Format: pdf.
Year: 2008.
Edition: 1.
Author: Krzysztof Iniewski.

Contents of the book:

PART I Circuits for Emerging Wireless: A System Perspective

Chapter 1: RF Building Blocks for the Next-Gen Wireless Systems.
Chapter 2: Insights into CMOS Wireless Receivers toward a Universal Mobile Radio.
Chapter 3: Ultra Wide Band (UWB) Technology
Chapter 4: Design Considerations for Integrated MIMO Radio Transceivers.
Chapter 5: Cognitive Radio Spectrum-Sharing Technology.
Chapter 6: Short-Distance Wireless and Its Opportunities.
Chapter 7: Ultra-Low-Power RF Transceivers.
Chapter 8: Human++: Emerging Technology for Body Area Networks.
Chapter 9: Progress toward a Single-Chip Radio.

PART II Chip Architectures and Circuit Implementations

Chapter 10 Digital RF Processor (DRPTM).
Chapter 11: Low Noise Amplifiers.
Chapter 12: Design of Silicon Integrated Circuit W-Band Low-Noise Amplifiers.
Chapter 13: Power Amplifi er Principles and Modern Design Techniques.
Chapter 14: Phase-Locked Loop–Based Integer-N RF Synthesizer.
Chapter 15: Frequency Synthesis for Multiband Wireless Networks.
Chapter 16: Design of a Delta-Sigma Synthesizer for a Bluetooth® Transmitter.
Chapter 17: RFIC Parametric Converters: Device Modifi cation, Circuit Design, Control Techniques.

PART III Device and Process Technology for Wireless Chips

Chapter 18: CMOS Technology for Wireless Applications.
Chapter 19: Distributed Effects and Coupling in RF Integrated Circuits.
Chapter 20: Substrate Noise Coupling from Digital to Analog Circuits in Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits.
Chapter 21: Microelectromechanical Resonators for RF Applications.
Chapter 22: Membrane-Supported Millimeter-Wave Circuits Based on Silicon and GaAs Micromachining.

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