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Free Book Make Electronics pdf.
Make Electronics

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Title: Make Electronics.
Language: English.
Size: 11.7 MB.
Pages: 351.
Format: pdf.
Year: 2009.
Edition: 1.
The Author: Charles Platt.

Contents of the book :

Experiment 1: Taste the Power.
Experiment 2: Let’s Abuse a Battery.
Experiment 3: Your First Circuit.
Experiment 4: Varying the Voltage.
Experiment 5: Let’s Make a Battery.
Experiment 6: Very Simple Switching.
Experiment 7: Relay-Driven LEDs.
Experiment 8: A Relay Oscillator.
Experiment 9: Time and Capacitors.
Experiment 10: Transistor Switching.
Experiment 11: A Modular Project.
Experiment 12: Joining Two Wires Together.
Experiment 13: Broil an LED.
Experiment 14: A Pulsing Glow.
Experiment 15: Intrusion Alarm Revisited.
Experiment 16: Emitting a Pulse.
Experiment 17: Set Your Tone.
Experiment 18: Reaction Timer.
Experiment 19: Learning Logic.
Experiment 20: A Powerful Combination.
Experiment 21: Race to Place.
Experiment 22: Flipping and Bouncing.
Experiment 23: Nice Dice.
Experiment 24: Intrusion Alarm Completed.
Experiment 25: Magnetism.
Experiment 26: Tabletop Power Generation.
Experiment 27: Loudspeaker Destruction.
Experiment 28: Making a Coil React.
Experiment 29: Filtering Frequencies.
Experiment 30: Fuzz.
Experiment 31: One Radio, No Solder, No Power.
Experiment 32: A Little Robot Cart.
Experiment 33: Moving in Steps.
Experiment 34: Hardware Meets Software.
Experiment 35: Checking the Real World.
Experiment 36: The Lock, Revisited.

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