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RF Microelectronics.

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Free Book RF Microelectronics pdf.
RF Microelectronics

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Wireless connectivity is almost everywhere like electricity, but RF design continues to challenge engineers and researchers. In the 15 years since the first release of this classic text, the demand for high performance has led to tremendous growth in RF design techniques. In Radio Microelectronics, the second edition, Behzad Razavi teaches the basics and developments in the analysis and design of RF circuits and receivers.

Information about the book:

Title: RF Microelectronics.
Language: English.
Size: 5.42 MB.
Pages: 940.
Format: pdf.
Year: 2012.
Edition: 2.
Author: Behzad Razavi.

Contents of the book:

Chapter 1: Introduction To Rf And Wireless technology.
Chapter 2: Basic Concepts In Rf Design.
Chapter 3: Communication Concepts.
Chapter 4: Transceiver Architectures.
Chapter 5: Low-Noise Amplifiers.
Chapter 6: Mixers.
Chapter 7: Passive Devices.
Chapter 8: Oscillators
Chapter 9: Phase-Locked Loops.
Chapter 10: Integer-N Frequency Synthesizers.
Chapter 11: Fractional-N Synthesizers.
Chapter 12: Power Amplifiers.
Chapter 13: Transceiver Design Example.

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