Download Aging Power Delivery Infrastructures pdf.

Aging Power Delivery Infrastructures.

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Free Book Aging Power Delivery Infrastructures pdf.
Aging Power Delivery Infrastructures

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Good aging infrastructure management consists of improved equipment selection and refurbishment with consistent changes in all these operating and ownership policies, as the entire group aims to improve the business outcomes the power system owner wants to achieve. As a reference and instructional guide, this second edition of Aging Power Delivery Infrastructure provides updated coverage of legacy power delivery systems, the problems they cause, and the technical and administrative methods that power system owners can address to manage them.

Information about the book :

Title: Aging Power Delivery Infrastructures.
Language: English.
Size: 10 MB.
Pages: 800.
Format : pdf.
Year: 2001.
Edition: 2.
Author: H. Lee Willis Randall R. Schrieber.

Contents of the book :

Unit 1: Aging Power Delivery Infrastructures.
Unit 2: Power Delivery Systems.
Unit 3: Customer Demand for Power and Reliability of Service.
Unit 4: Power System Reliability and Reliability of Service.
Unit 5: Cost and Economic Evaluation.
Unit 6: Equipment Inspection, Testing, and Diagnostics.
Unit 7: Aging Equipment and Its Impacts.
Unit 8: Obsolete System Structures.
Unit 9: Traditional Reliability Engineering Tools and Their Limitations.
Unit 10: Primary Distribution Planning and Engineering Interactions.
Unit 11: Equipment Condition Assessment.
Unit 12: Optimization.
Unit 13: Planning Methods for Aging T&D Infrastructures.
Unit 14: Reliability Can Be Planned and Engineered.
Unit 15: Six Aging Infrastructure Management Stories.
Unit 16: Managing an Aging Infrastructure.
Unit 17: Guidelines and Recommendations.

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