Download Principles of Power Systems pdf.

Principles of Power Systems.

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Free Book Principles of Power Systems pdf.
Principles of Power Systems

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You can now read and learn power systems offline. You can download the principles of Power Systems By V.K Mehta. This is a very beautiful book with attractive colors and stunning images. He explained all the concepts of energy systems very clearly. You can get the idea behind every concept of power in a single read. You can use the power system principle by downloading kV Mehta for free in a doc format where the text in the image can be copied.

Information about the book:

Title: Principles of Power Systems.
Language: English.
Size: 17.3 MB.
Pages: 613.
Format: pdf.
Year: 2005.
Edition: 4.
Author: V.K Mehta.

Contents of the book:

Unit 1: Introduction.
Unit 2: Generating Stations.
Unit 3: Variable Load on Power Stations.
Unit 4: Economics of Power Generation.
Unit 5: Tariff.
Unit 6: Power Factor Improvement.
Unit 7: Supply Systems.
Unit 8: Mechanical Design of Overhead Lines.
Unit 9: Electrical Design of overhead lines.
Unit 10: Performance of Transmission Lines.
Unit 11: Underground Cables.
Unit 12 :Distribution Systems – General.
Unit 13: D.C. Distribution.
Unit 14: A.C. Distribution.
Unit 15: Voltage Control.
Unit 16: Introduction to Switchgear.
Unit 17: Symmetrical Fault Calculations.
Unit 18: Unsymmetrical Fault Calculations.
Unit 19: Circuit Breakers.
Unit 20: Fuses.
Unit 21: Protective Relays.
Unit 22: Protection of Alternators and.
Unit 23: Transformers.
Unit 24: Protection of Busbars and Lines.
Unit 25: Protection Against Overvoltages.
Unit 26: Sub-Stations.
Unit 27: Neutral Grounding.

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