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100 IC Circuits.

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Free Book 100 IC Circuits pdf.
100 IC Circuits.

About The Book:

In this IC Circuits e-book, we made about 100 interesting circuits using integrated circuits. In most cases, the IC will contain 10 - 100 transistors, at a lower cost than individual components and occupies much less space. They also provide a lot of circuit design and often consume less current than discrete components or components that replace them. In general, it's a great way to get something that works with fewer ingredients.

Information About The Book:

Title: 100 IC Circuits.
Language: English.
Size: 1.51 Mb.
Pages: 60.
Format: Pdf.
Year: 2011.
Edition: 3.
Author: Colin Mitchell.

Contents Of The Book:

Chapter 1: Activate after 3 rings.
Chapter 2: Active for 1 second.
Chapter 3: Adjustable Voltage Supply.
Chapter 4: Any Capacitor Value.
Chapter 5: Any Resistor Value.
Chapter 6: Battery Charger - Gell Cell.
Chapter 7: Battery-Low Beeper.
Chapter 8: BFO Metal Locator.
Chapter 9: Brake Lights (flash 3 times).
Chapter 10: Burglar Alarm 4-Zone.
Chapter 11: Constant Current 20mA.
Chapter 12: CRO - 100 LED CRO.
Chapter 13: Flash LEDs for 20 Seconds.
Chapter 14: Gell Cell Battery Charger.
Chapter 15: Knight Rider - Kitt Scanner.
Chapter 16: Knight Rider for High-power LEDs.
Chapter 17: Knock Knock Doorbell.
Chapter 18: Logic Probe - Simple.
Chapter 19: Logic Probe with pulse.
Chapter 20: Long Duration Timer.
Chapter 21: Low-Battery Beeper.
Chapter 22: Metal Detector - BFO.
Chapter 23: Phone ring detector.
Chapter 24: Resistor Colour Code.
Chapter 25: Simple BFO Metal Locator.
Chapter 26: Timer - Long Duration.
Chapter 27: Transistor Tester - Combo-2.
Chapter 28: Water Level Pump Controller.
Chapter 29: 1.5v to 5v Phone Charger.
Chapter 30: 2-Sector Burglar Alarm.
Chapter 31: 4-Zone Burglar Alarm.
Chapter 32: 10 Minute and 30 Minute Timer.
Chapter 33: 20mA Constant Current.
Chapter 34: LED Zeppelin - a game of skill.

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